Increasing Value and Revenue Potential For
Bootstrapped Founders and Their Startups

Jason Paul Hendricks Panel Talk

As a growth and operations specialist with over two decades of business development and management experience, I have honed my skills through a wide range of entrepreneurial ventures and corporate leadership roles.

From ideation, planning and launch, expansion and marketing, to operations and exit, I’ve applied these skills in both bootstrapped startups and publicly-traded Fortune 500 companies, and navigated multiple acquisitions and spin-outs.

Some Solutions We Provide

Strategy & Market Research

Provided market and opportunity sizing analysis to an established fintech saas seeking to launch an innovative data distribution platform, challenging industry norms.

Staging For Acquisition

Preparing a business for acquisition can be challenging but doing it right significantly increases the final sale price. For instance, delivering an extra 36% or $1.8M in a recent deal.

Expert Network

With a long career in the finance, fintech and startup space I have built a deep network of subject matter experts. My connections can be your solution providers.

Product Development

We have conceived, developed and built products and productized services (and helped others do the same) across a wide range of B2B and B2C verticals.

Operations Optimization

A regional banking unit was booking significant losses due to client errors. Product and support process optimization improved these by 80%, adding over $4M to the bottom line.

AI Integration Consulting

I’ve led research studies and integration projects (across industry verticals) that significantly enhanced operational efficiency and extended product capabilities.

Team Resources

Fractional CFO

Leverage an experienced banking professional to assist with your business accounting, data room creation or acquisition/deal prep.

Content Managers

Benefit from a team of experienced content writers, editors and integrators to assist with your content marketing or campaign.

PR/Brand Management

Our PR and content distribution specialist has an exceptional network of media channels and influencers, and knows how to leverage them.

Full Stack Developers

Access a full stack team of quality-assured developers available for business automation, web apps or extensions and plugins.

UI/UX Specialist

Our UI/UX expert has worked on 50+ projects and built or significantly improved user engagement and usage of software and sites.

Lead Gen/Support

Scale your business by accessing experienced and industry-specific sales development reps and support resources.