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A finance tech industry refugee and repeat startuper, my focus has turned back to online business building and investing. I can’t help but view the world of digital marketing through the lens of my finance industry experience. It’s sometimes exciting, other times inane but always interesting.J Paul Hendricks watching the world change in real time...

What also motivates me, decades into ‘careerhood’, is a persistent hunger to learn, grow and explore new disciplines. I’ve done a lot with an average brain and below average qualifications, but I’m only halfway done. There’s never been a better time to be a ravenous self-learner.

The aim is to grow as fast and as far as life and time permits, and to positively impact others along the way. And the people I meet on the path ahead will likely help me more than I can help them. So thank you all, in advance.

— J Paul Hendricks

Economic Storm Clouds Sky

Investment Update for the Second Half of 2020

  If you look back on my investment outlook at the start of 2020 it’s easy to see how worried I was with the structural instability and potential negative impact of central bank involvement in the markets. As noted, I had been waiting for a long overdue market […]

Do You Trust This Tool?

Fuzzy Data, SEO Metrics and The Trouble With Tools

In most aspects of life we undertake important decisions with care, and we often must depend on others in the process. But when someone offers simple solutions to particularly difficult and complex problems we should be a bit skeptical. Hard problems are not easy to solve.

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“What Digital Marketers Can Learn
From the Finance Industry”
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