Increasing Value and Revenue Potential For
Bootstrapped Founders and Their Startups

About Jason Paul Hendricks

Jason Paul Hendricks Panel Talk

As a career finance industry professional and startup vet, I have founded ventures but also led corporate teams and regional groups. These engagements varied from bootstrapped and seed funded fintech, saas and media businesses to publicly traded large cap companies.

My responsibilities ranged from concept and planning, to launch and business development, marketing and growth, product management and operations, and also included talent and resource management.

I’ve been a solopreneur and I’ve worked 10 years at Goldman Sachs (and everything in between). In leadership roles and as a founder/operator, I have been through multiple acquisitions and spin-outs and had both wins and losses.

How I Can Help

I provide advisory services and coaching as well as strategic consulting for special situations.

We will identify and address both opportunities and risks to your business — from seed stage to sale, and across growth/development, operations, product management and marketing functions.

Coverage includes:
Business/Product Development & Planning · Funding & Launch · Growth Strategy · Market Expansion (USA/APAC) · Customer Success & Retention · Operations & Management · Contract & Deal Negotiation · M&A/Acquisition Planning · Capital Introduction · Team/Leadership Development · Executive Coaching & Mentoring · Career Development · Deal Flow Sourcing

Leverage my expertise to address your most difficult management, operations or
marketing challenges, and magnify outcomes for you, your team and your business.

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