About J Paul

OK, here’s the not short enough version. TL;DR below.

I’m a finance tech industry veteran now shifting back to online business pursuits. It’s not my first go-around on the digital front; I was the ‘web guy’ at a NYC design studio in ’95. But a trading technology startup lured me away early on, and a long and productive run led from vendors to a top investment bank and back. Now I’m applying my product and business development experience to digital marketing and niche site portfolio management.

Superpowers of TomorrowJ Paul Hendricks - Finance Pro Goes Digital Marketing

I’d like to think that writing and research and content crafting are the superpowers of tomorrow. Our ever-noisier world makes effective communication a mission-critical skill, whether through copy writing or in-person interaction. Content creation of various sorts is also a personal indulgence that has, in part, led me to starting this site.

And these skills are critical in digital marketing and online business given that, going forward, the key to success with Google (and all answer engines) will revolve around quality content for consumption by humans. But conceiving of and assessing an idea or opportunity requires both qualitative and quantitative skills. And the online business space magnifies the importance of both.

Working in the trading and finance industry made me process-oriented and a lover of numbers. But the humanities, writing and music are in my bones. Alas, the analyst and the artist can co-exist.

Personal Scatter Plot

This site is my personal scatter plot of ideas. I’m not yet sure exactly where that best-fit line will point, but I would like to incorporate at least two broad areas of focus.

One will be to share my in-progress, mid-life migration into new industry and business endeavors. The current, in-progress initiative focuses on content site development across a number of strategic niche verticals. I put a premium on diversified monetization methods and have a strong preference for organic (vs paid) traffic. In parallel, I am building out an online property portfolio management vehicle.  I’ll provide as much ongoing detail and color on these efforts as is practical and (hopefully) useful.

The other topical focus of this site will be around self-learning and skill setting, and the challenges faced by those educated in the old paradigm but facing the realities of the new global economy.  To wit, I will explore how a college drop-out moved to New York City to play music yet ended up working nearly two decades in finance, from startups to a Fortune 50 bank. And what I learned in the process.

So, welcome to my new thing. If this interests you please follow along and also reach out. And thank you, in advance, for all I will learn and gain from those who do.

–J Paul

TL;DR?! Okay, here’s the bullets version…

      • Stumbled through school, never finished college, worked lots of jobs, played lots of music;
      • Went backpacking, moved to NYC, got first ‘serious’ job in finance, quit to get serious about music;
      • Started first business (retail shop), sold to partner (still open), married and became father of twins (who rock);
      • Joined NYC design studio (via NYT classified), managed web strategy (1995), launched first blog (1997);
      • Got next job in finance (via music), startup employee #9, rode two acquisitions to top global bank;
      • Co-founded fintech startup (2010), made NYC fintech fashionable, missed goal but learned lots;
      • 4 acquisitions, 3 spin-outs and 2 continents later, am prepping for fun and fortune in my next 50;
J Paul Hendricks looking into the distance at Yellowstone
In Yellowstone National Park you can watch the world change in real time.