Investment Themes and Trends I Follow

I use investment themes, trends and industry expertise as a way to focus my time and energy. Opportunities are everywhere. But, to maximize results, we must focus our attention and effort.

Such self-imposed limitations (to certain areas of investment focus) are one of the tools I use in my investment strategy. Having said that, I am still spread too broadly over different sectors and mega-trends. WIP

You Are Your First Investment Manager

Investment Themes - Money CatWe often seek out guidance and the investment ideas of experts. Yet, we all have perspectives and usable knowledge that can be applied to investment decisions. It would be foolish not to use our subject-matter expertise in a given industry if investment opportunities presented themselves. 

Since the stock market offers companies or ETFs that involve virtually every aspect of life, it’s impossible not to find a possible investment that you know something about. 

So it is with me and financial technology (fintech), enterprise SaaS solutions and digital marketing. SaaS is less a sector or theme in itself and more a product type. Regardless, these are areas where I have professional knowledge, and also already have investments. 

Investment Themes and Idea Generation

You will note that the list below is quite broad. The major categories (Revolution in Transportation, Evolution of Markets, etc) are not sectors or industry terms, they are more like mega trends that interest and make sense to me. Under these there are sub-sectors or secondary trends that I am particularly interested in (or at least know something about). 

When and how I actually put on a position is a separate matter. Either the chosen instrument has not yet reached its price target, or I am still in the screening phase or monitoring the broader sector performance.

Once an idea has bubbled up and at least made the white board, I do preliminary research once I get time. After a deep dive, if I formulate a workable investment thesis then they stay on the list. 

When and how I actually put on a position is a separate matter. Either the chosen instrument has not yet reached its price target, or I am still in the screening phase or monitoring the broader sector performance.

Active Portfolio Investment Themes

Here are the sector and trends or associated themes that I am actively investing in and tracking currently. I may not yet be fully allocated or I may have already reduced exposure, but I consider these as active themes. 

Advancement of Technology – Industrial Materials / Alternatives

Advancement of Technology – Optical/Vision Technologies

Advancement of Technology – AR / VR Technology

Advancement of Technology – Automation & Robotics

Communications & Media – Communications Svcs / Telecom

Communications & Media – Streaming / Podcasting

Communications & Media – Digital Media & Marketing

Communications & Media – Gaming Infra & Esports

Energy Alternatives – Utilities & Grid Tech

Energy Alternatives – Energy Storage & Battery Tech

Energy Alternatives – Renewable & Alternative Energy

Revolution in Transportation – Electric & Autonomous Vehicles

Revolution in Transportation – EV Infrastructure

Evolution of Markets – Brokerage & Finance

Evolution of Markets – eCommerce & Retail

Evolution of Markets – Enterprise Fintech

Human Advancement – Cannabis & CBD

Human Advancement – Psychedelics

Human Advancement – Health/med Infrastructure

Sustainability & Population – Space; Engineering & Exploration

Sustainability & Population – Sustainable Food Alternatives

Sustainability & Population – Climate Change & Water Security


Investment Trends & Themes Under Development

Here are some sectors, trends and themes that I am researching and interested in but not yet investing in (or I only have intro positions in select companies). 

I have a white board list assembled for all and I am either researching, waiting (for entry levels) or building positions. But I have not yet committed a meaningful percent of my investable capital. 

Advancement of Technology – AI and Machine Learning (building)

Advancement of Technology – 3D Printing (waiting)

Advancement of Technology – Internet Infrastructure (building)

Advancement of Technology – Blockchain Technology (researching)

Advancement of Technology – IoT / Smart Home (researching)

Communications & Media – Cyber Security & Privacy (researching)

Revolution in Transportation – Mass Trans & Mobility Alts (researching)

Revolution in Transportation – Future of Logistics (waiting)

Evolution of Markets – Cashless & Mobile Payments (building)

Evolution of Markets – Global ex-China (building)

Evolution of Markets – Future of Work & Labor (waiting)

Evolution of Markets – Microfinance & P2P Lending (researching)

Human Advancement – Biometrics & Augmentation (researching)

Human Advancement – Edutech / Innovation in Learning (building)

Sustainability & Population – Climate Change & Food Security (researching)

Sustainability & Population – Climate Change & Infra Security (researching)

Sustainability & Population – Population Change & Migration (researching)

Sustainability & Population – Oceans & Agriculture (researching)


There are two other important segments of my portfolio, which command a fair amount of my attention and research effort. A significant portion of my portfolio is allocated to these as well. 

The first is focused on income generation and the second is for hedging or portfolio protection. I include my expanding (and growing) portfolio of cryptocurrencies in that latter category.


Like my research and investment strategy (and me), this list is a work in progress. But I will continue to share changes and updates, as appropriate.