Mindset & Learning

It starts early in life. We start being handed ideas, opinions and frameworks for how to view and interact with the world. This is the baggage we often carry around with us in life. Some of it is useful and universal, like a flexible and lightweight carry-on suitcase. It can be used in many situations and helps streamline our lives. But often this baggage is burdensome and, like a shipping container filled with limiting or unimportant memories and assumptions, it can slow us down or even crush us; anchoring us forever to a place, perspective or situation. This is what mindset means to me.

The first step in improving on anything is recognizing existing flaws… the next step is learning.

While I believe the foundation of my own world view has always been that of reciprocity and acknowledgement that I am a part of a community, my mindset has never stopped shifting and (occasionally) evolving. The first step in improving on anything is recognizing existing flaws and shortcomings. I am very flawed.

And I believe that the next step, after recognition, is learning. And we are in the golden age of self-learning. There are so many powerful tools and resources for self-directed education. By applying continuous improvement practices to personal growth efforts we can achieve more happiness and success in life. I’ll draw from my own ‘college drop-out to Wall Street’ story and other anecdotes as reference, but what we all do from this day forward is ultimately more important.

Below are some selected articles that touch on these topics. Enjoy!

personal rate of return - bike-mountain

Personal Rate of Return Reconsidered

Personal Rate of Return Reconsidered The term “personal rate of return” refers to return on investment, and was first used by traditional financial firms. Even for standard investment products and accounts there is confusion about how to calculate it. But the traditional concept of “personal rate of return” is also incomplete, and should apply to …

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