Me Now (and Next)

J Paul Hendricks Now

It’s been one raging storm after another the last few years. With all the upheaval, injustice and instability in the world it’s tempting to just stay head down and hidden away somewhere.

Tempting… but no, we can’t do that. We’ve got to get out there and find the others. Find people that help you become the best you; that you can help be better too. And then we need to take action! That’s what I’m up to.

What I’m Doing Now…

I’ve done my share of sheltering in place but that’s changed in the last couple of years. I’m executing on long-held plans and doubling down on projects in progress. I’m conceiving and creating; building and launching more than ever. Here’s an overview of what’s in motion (last updated April 4, 2024).

SERP Sonar

This chrome-based digital marketing micro saas has 1000+ users and growing; premium tier launching soon.

AI App Onsite

This AI-powered saas solution for the WordPress platform is coding-in-progress; launch planned for May ‘24.


I am Director of Business Development and a board advisor for this institutional investor focused fintech saas.

Digital Downshift

This newly launched podcast started as a business and career-focused site. And I’m booking guests now FYI!

JP Hendricks

I’ve recently expanded my advisory and coaching activities, creating a formal consultancy (incl this site!).

Stealth Holdco

Expansion activities for this saas and online asset holdco continue with new acquisitions and reshoring WIP.

Best Freelancer Tools

Recently acquired this small freelancer-focused site; build-out planning and web dev work in progress.

Motivation Pay

An experimental/testbed site, built for a Spencer Haws/Niche Pursuits challenge; concluding 6 mo launch phase.

Food & Lifestyle Site

Editorial, marketing and ops partner for this 4 year old food and lifestyle site, owned by a culinary professional.

Travel Site

Editorial, marketing and ops partner for this 5 year old travel site, owned by a published travel writer.

Team Expansion

Team resource retention and build-out is an ongoing and essential part of operating a successful business.

AI Experiments

I’ve leveraged AI tools for years but the process/workflow and efficiency gains they offer now are 10Xing output.

Book Development

I have been working on two books for some time now, both related to personal development; release dates TBA.

So, that’s some of what I’ve been doing round about now. There are a few other stealth projects I’m considering or investing in as well. Some have real potential and some are still just blue sky (or hot air). But they’re all cool so they stay on the list. Btw, my idea for a ‘now’ page started with this Derek Sivers project, here.

Build Better For Better

Why so many projects? The aim is to move to more diversified and resilient revenue streams. To be less dependent on any one gig, client, cash stream or industry. The ultimate goal, of course, is to attain greater independence and a happier life. And to find the others; to share the knowledge.

When people stand together – network, connect and partner – they unlock the potential to be stronger and do more. We can build better and for better.

Hey, but that’s me. What are you doing? And why do you want to do it? Connect! And let me know how I can help.

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