…Of Living Well, Doing Good and Working With Purpose

I often consider key parts of life in an investment management framework. I don’t mean that everything is about money (quite the opposite). Rather it should be about ‘investing’ time and energy into activities that will generate quality returns. These returns should be focused on true value creation and our ultimate goals in life.

For me, living well, doing good and working with purpose are the high-level objectives. Much of this thinking and reflection has coalesced into a simple list of principles. FYI

* * *

Whether one believes in heaven, nirvana or nothing at all, each of us possesses a unique and precious life.

We spend most of that life feeling imperfect, insecure and forever pursuing the unknowable and unreachable.

If we embrace imperfection, overcome insecurity and master the knowable, then almost nothing is out of reach.

* * *

Time is our most valuable resource, but it is not priceless; we should know the value of an hour of our life.

Our perspective and expertise, applied properly, can expand our output per hour and magnify our impact.

Life is not a zero-sum game; working with others both helps them and grows our output exponentially.

* * *

Wherever we are on the mountain, there are others ahead of us that we can learn from, if we ask with humility.

Wherever we are on the mountain, there are others behind us that need a hand up; serving others rewards us.

Our best and most worthy adversary is ourselves; yesterday’s you is the only competitor that really matters.

* * *

Expanding our consciousness and understanding of life and the world around us is a prime objective.

Honing our ability to leverage knowledge and understanding in the service of others is a life-long process.

The numbers and things we collect will soon be dust, like us, but our impact on the world can last millennia.

* * *